As charterers, ship brokers the company has participated in marine transportations organization of different dry and liquid cargoes in the regions of Atlantic, Indian, Pacific oceans; Baltic, Northern, Mediterranean, Black and Azov seas. The caring capacity of the vessels which were under the fixture of the company is from 3.000 till 60.000 tones. Total quantity of chartered vessels is very close to 1.000 units.

JSC “Fertimara” is a mobile and competitive composition with highly qualified, experienced specialists, regularly extending the range of its services in the shipping market, which contributes to the consolidation of authority, the growth and development of the company.

A list of the companies clients includes large number of the biggest players on the freight market - charterers, ship brokers and agents, whose offices are located on nearly every continent. One of the main components of JSC "Fertimara" policy is to consolidate existing and constant search for new partnerships, customers in the shipping sector.

The company establish different links for cargo transportation in containers including multimodal solutions ex South East Asia to inner part of central Europe and CIS with transshipments at the continental ports ex / onto barges, trucks, railway wagons e.t.c.

We sincerely hope that our ability to be of your Company’s interest that will give a powerful impetus to the new areas development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the segment of maritime transport and logistics.